Salto de Baiguate - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa

Salto de Baiguate


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He dipped a small basin of the Central Cordillera is located in the upper part is covered with pine forests and white grass called pajón which prevents the soil from eroding because it allows water infiltration.

In this river is Salto Baiguate (Baiguate's jump), which is one of the few areas of the country where there are still Nogal, a valuable timber tree that only occurs in tropical countries.

El Salto Baiguate (The Baiguate's jump) form with its waterfalls a staircase, due to their inaccessibility few Dominicans know the beauty of this jump, but that does not stop this jump is much visited by foreign tourists and Dominicans who like to feel the adrenaline.

El Salto Baiguate (The Baiguate's jump) is the best jumps found in the Rio Baiguate, where you can enjoy an energizing swim in the natural pool surrounded by trees. To reach the Salto Baiguate has to go through a canyon that offers beautiful views and also offers all the Cibao Valley, especially in the town of Jarabacoa, where you can stay in one of its small hotels and eat in restaurants, which serve an exquisite menu. One is restaurant El Rancho, serving from Dominican food until octopus or just a nice cup of coffee Dominicano.

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