Ruta del Café - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa

Ruta del Café


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Making the tour of the Ruta del Café is an adventure that envelops visitors in the aroma and flavor of this popular drink that nature gives us through plantations of stunning beauty. This route can be found in the Ecological Path of the Dajaos way Manabao and in the People can participate in the collection and sorting of grains industry Belarminio Ramirez Brothers.

The town offers a wide variety of hotels and restaurants and bars for evening enjoyment as well as a warm village atmosphere around the central park, where you can enjoy a quiet evening under the shelter of his iconic saman, a leafy tree whose longevity exceeds 160 years. This is one of those places that you always want to return. Industry Ramirez C. A sample their coffee route, in which the proceedings from coffee plants, collecting seeds of coffee, the selection process is appreciated, to roast, grind and pack the aromatic dust produced since 1943, when the company was founded by Belarminio Ramirez.

The family business, which now runs the third generation of the Ramirez family, is what produces the Monte Alto Monte Alto Special brands and Organic, roasted and ground at its facilities in Jarabacoa. Coffee beans used in these varieties come from their farms and small producers in the area.

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