Mariposario - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa



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Rancho Baiguate has developed the butterfly in its facilities under the technical guidance of Guerrero and Karen Entomologist Kelvin Jimenez, the first concrete initiative in the country of a sustainable project for breeding and exhibition of Dominican species of butterflies.

This is a sustainable project, in which the butterfly species are raised in the farm itself-not wild species of butterflies is collected, so it does not impact the naturales- populations and contributes to biological control mechanically, collecting worms butterflies that attack fruit crops such as citrus, passion fruit and blackwood.
The Papillon Butterfly Garden is located in Jarabacoa, and is the first of its kind to be installed in the country. "The pleasure felt by observing the varied colors of the butterflies is being exploited commercially in several countries, and it starts at Jarabacoa, with good omens.

The butterfly is a closed plastic space, and covered with a white, porous fabric. Account of its inland areas with flowering plants on which liban and butterflies frolic, to the delight of visitors. To regulate the temperature and humidity has water nozzles and fans, and a movable fabric covering saram, which also regulates the amount of light entering inside.

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