Avistamiento de Aves - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa

Avistamiento de Aves


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Angostura community located in Manabao, Jarabacoa, waiting with open arms to serve and prepare a rich Creole food. Just opposite the small complex found a beautiful creek and its surrounding has facilities for hiking, horseback riding or visit a beautiful coffee plantation with multiple paths for bird watching or have an unforgettable picnic at 600 meters high above sea level. 31 endemic birds in the Dominican Republic in the Province of La Vega in the municipalities of Jarabacoa and Constanza will see some 27 species in parks Ebano Verde Scientific Reserve and Park Armando Bermúdez.

  • Dominican Republic
  • CDCT
  • BID
  • Consejo Nacional de Competitividad