Services - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa

With a population of 60,000 and with many more on weekends and holidays, locals and visitors alike will find most needed products and services in the local community.

These include, among other services:

  • Schools
  • Water filtration
  • Travel agencies
  • Country Club
  • Cable television
  • Gift shops
  • Internet services
  • Real estate agents
  • Food stores
  • Auto service
  • Banks
  • Golfing
  • Hotels
  • Art galleries
  • Lawyers
  • Police
  • Hardware and building materials
  • Construction companies
  • Metal and wood workers
  • Restaurants and lounges
  • Adventure tour companies
  • Homeware and furniture stores
  • Playgrounds and athletic fields
  • Beauty shops and barbers
Mesa & Mesa Abogados

Mesa & Mesa is a Dominican Republic law firm. We're lawyers specialized in advising public and private sector organizations  in the commercial law, insurance, aviation, maritime, telecommunications, trademark, patent, immigration and foreign investment sectors.

The firm attorneys represent a wide range of Dominican and international clients, including large government agencies and entrepreneurs.

The firm's main areas of practice are Corporate Finance, Intellectual Property, Aviation, Immigration and Foreign Investment. The firm was founded in 1964 and our main office is in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Commercial Law.

Mesa & Mesa has been involved in sale - purchase, business purchasing operations, providing consultancy and legal and tax advisory to national and foreign companies.

We offer corporate and business consultancy to prepare and draw up by-laws, shareholder, corporate and financing agreement, corporate restructuration and sale of shares. Likewise, we can offer legal support for merging and business purchasing and distribution agency agreement. 

Our firm provides support in national and international transactions in financial, franchises, technology, know-how, escrows, negotiable instruments and guarantees, and others.


Mesa & Mesa is one of the most well-know law firms in Dominican Republic, due to its practice and experience in aviation matters. Also, our law firm is acquainted by its involvement to develop the transportation law and aeronautic law. The law firm specialization include the procedure and obtaining air transport concession and airlines representation with the relevant authorities of Dominican Republic, as private and corporate matter in the industry such as contracts, insurance, aircraft leasing, liability and alliance and commercial strategies, and others.

Insurance Law.

Mesa & Mesa performs an active practice in the insurance field. Important national insurers and international reinsurers are among our clients. The firm gives advisory and support in regulatory matters, as well as to handle transactions, claims and lawsuits. 

The firm partners have been involved as consultants for the ruling body in drafting and enforcement of insurance law. 

We provide advisory and support to the leading international reinsurers in claiming of aircrafts accident, aircraft recovery, construction insurance among others.

Intellectual Property

We are a leading trademark office in Dominican Republic. Mesa & Mesa Law Firm advises on all aspects of intellectual property including registration of trademarks, designs, copyright and patents, brand licensing and litigation in respect of the infringement of intellectual property rights. Our team of lawyers - specialist in patent and IP lawyers currently manage IP portfolios on behalf of Dominican and international corporations and pharmaceutical manufacturers and have also advised clients from United Estate, Europe, Latin America and Asia. We have long-standing relationships with law firms in Caribbean Island and Central America, that enables us to offer a IP services.

International Network

We have strong international link. Mesa & Mesa is the only Dominican law firm to belong to the ADVOC, the leading international network of independent law firms, forging new connections in over 50 countries worldwide.


  • Ranked law firm in Aviation, Who's Who Legal, edition 2014.
  • Who's Who Legal Award 2014.
  • Contributor for the leading international legal publication Getting the Deal Through for Air Transport, chapter Dominican Republic.
NC Soportex Construcciones, S.R.L.

Constuciones de proyectos industriales, viviendas, comerciales y turísticos.

Plan Cordillera

The Peasant's House.

Serranía Escuela Técnica Hotelera

Escuela Técnica Hotelera orientada hacia la excelencia del servicio de hospitalidad. Se dirige a la mujer dominicana, con especial atención a jóvenes de escasos recursos económicos entre los 16 y 22 años, con una escolaridad mínima de 8° de primaria.

Serranía ofrece la posibilidad de obtener en 2 años los certificados de Técnico en Artes Culinarias y Técnico en Panaderia y Resposteria, avalados por INFOTEP.

Spirit Mountain Organic Coffe

Spirit Mountain coffee is grown on a 350 acre ecological reserve located high in the Central Mountain Range of the Dominican Republic. The plantation is certified organic and produces a very smooth Caribbean brew with good body, a rich cocoa flavor and mid acidity. The coffee is grown under a diverse multi leveled shade canopy that is home to many of the Dominican Republic’s many rare and beautiful endemic bird species. Typica’ and ‘Caturra’ coffee plants can be found in abundance between 3,500 and 4,500 feet elevation on the Spirit Mountain plantation, where coffee is harvested using practices surpassing Fair Trade standards. We process the coffee using the popular wet process, washing the coffee in closed tubs.

The coffee is then sun dried over the course of several days, until optimum humidity is obtained within the dried coffee bean, at which time, the coffee is transported to Jarabacoa for storage at ASCAJA’, a small farmer coffee cooperative, which is certified organic. All proceeds produced through the sale of Spirit Mountain coffee go to benefit the scholarship program and other educational programs at the Doulos Discovery School located in Jarabacoa, about 15 miles from the coffee plantation. Our ecological reserve is also the official experiential learning extension for Doulos students. It is our primary work to support the Doulos mission.

Krista and Chad Wallace are partners in the Spirit Mountain coffee plantation with Jeff Loftsgaarden from Minnesota. While Jeff Loftsgaarden is mainly a silent yet supportive partner, Chad takes an active role in the development of the vision and the daily operations of the plantation, with the help of Celestino Perez, our Plantation manager, catador (coffee taster) and agricultural engineer.

We purchased the plantation in May 2003 from the Cristino Lopez family, who had managed his family plantation since 1972. Since then we’ve been in a continual process of ecological rehabilitation. The plantation was abandoned in 1998, after hurricane George destroyed access to the region. After restoring access, we immediately began improving the quality and diversity of the shade canopy throughout the plantation and began devoting more resources to the rejuvenation of older coffee plants while planting new ones where older coffee plants had since died. Our reforestation efforts have included the reintroduction of native hardwood species that were either rare or non-existent in the region. We have introduced many experimental species of both hardwoods and softwoods at Spirit Mountain.

We hope that this journey into the unknown will help us find the perfect agro-forestry mix, promoting bio-diversity alongside the cultivation of organic coffee while developing a lucrative plantation crop of timber for a country that imports more than 90% of its wood products. We have planted some 50,000+ trees to date: 30+ species, both for timber and food for the birds. The plantation is rich in water, boasting hundreds springs which adorn much of the acreage. Spring water from Spirit Mountain serves as a source for drinking water for La Angostura, the village located just below Spirit Mountain.


The UAFAM is committed to sustainable development in the Dominican Republic, through the training of technicians and professionals in the area of ​​knowledge with emphasis on the promotion, protection and use of natural resources, the University is providing loans Forest disciplines, Educational, Economics and Management of Ecotourism. Are our values, foster humanism, Academic Excellence, Respect the Environment, Justice, Morality and Ethics.

Since its founding, the UAFAM imparts specialized training aimed at graduates, training and updating of technical and professional residents of the town of Jarabacoa, the northern region and country courses. They include, among others, graduates and specialized courses in Municipal Management, Senior Management, Organic Farming, Agricultural Production in Protected Environment (greenhouses), International Trade, Human Development, Marketing, The Art of Public Speaking, Etiquette and Protocol System Geographic, Land Information Legislation, among others.

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