Festival de Poesía promueve “Un Canal entre el verso y la montaña” - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa

Festival de Poesía promueve “Un Canal entre el verso y la montaña”


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Festival de Poesía promueve “Un Canal entre el verso y la montaña”

The Poetry Festival in Jarabacoa Mountain, in its call thirteenth, opens its international section attended by poets from Panama, Nicaragua and the Dominican diaspora creators. Taty Hernandez Duran, founder and general coordinator, stated that the event will run from October 29 to November 1 at the Salesian Center Jarabacoa. "The activity will again be great rejoicing of verse and letters to which are invited all artists, poets and writers Dominicans," he said. As part of the activity, he explained Hernández, there will be a special tribute to poet and National Literature Prize Jose Marmol, for his career and contributions to the promotion of a culture of literary creation, in line with the objectives promoted by the Festival. Among the activities of the Festival, which opens on October 29, at 8:00 pm, there will be an "Exhibition of Digital and Visual Poetry" in the Hall of the Fire Department of Jarabacoa; and will continue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with various activities. With the slogan "A Canal between verse and the mountain" will offer a recital Marifeli Dominguez, Panama, Edgar Centeno Moncada, of Nicaragua, and Mary Palitachi, Dominican diaspora. Plenary activities and concerts will take place on Friday and Saturday the Salesian Center of Pinar Quemado, together with the distribution of books by the extension program called "Donkey Book." Thus many homes neighborhoods in the city and surrounding communities will receive books that contribute to the promotion of reading. The program also has workshops of creativity and approach to literature, which will be taught by specialists from writers and literature students in 14 elementary and secondary schools. Saturday night will be a jazz concert by Maestro Rafelito Mirabal and his group Tempered System. Among the participants, the Festival has the presence of workshops, groups and literary circles, including the Network of Literary Workshops Perelló Cultural Center, René Taller del Risco, the Literary Circle Domingo Moreno Jimenes, Circle of Poets and Storytellers Bani, Mountain Literary Circle, Literary Workshop Angela Hernandez and Juan Felix Pepén Literary Workshop Higuey also receive special recognition; also it will install the traditional "Poemercado Book and Crafts" at the Salesian Center. Cultural recognized winners and winners of important national literary awards career writers have participated with poets from other places in this annual event that has become one of the most anticipated events of the Dominican literary world, including Matthew Morrison are counted, Angela Hernandez, Jose Marble, Tony Raful, Jose Rafael Lantigua, Pedro Antonio Valdez, Rafael García Romero, Federico Jóvine Bermudez, Chiqui Vicioso, Basilio Belliard, Rannel Baez Rafael Peralta Romero, Noah Zayas, Valentin Amaro, Manuel Otero Llibre, John Freddy Armando, Oscar Peña, Nan Chevalier, France Esquea Rosa, Alexei Tellerías, Ramón Saba and Luis Carvajal. "The traditional poetic and Jarabacoa party maintains its basic objectives of promoting this kind of creation as spiritual food and balsam, motivate poetic creation, encourage the cultivation of friendship and solidarity and promote the practice of eco cultural tourism," he said Hernández.

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