Hiking - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa



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There are several unique hiking options we offer in the Dominican Republic:

Simple 2 hr. hikes to one or several of the area's waterfalls including Salto Baiguate (Jarabacoa), Salto Jimenoa (Jarabacoa), or one hr. away to the Salto de Aguas Blancas (Constanza), and 3 hrs away, the Salto el Limón (El limón, Samaná).

If you are interested in beautiful scenery, a 3 hr. hike to the Pico Mogote (Jarabacoa) will provide the best views of both sides of the valley. If time is not an issue, camping at the top of the Pico, cooking a delicious meal, and returning the next morning is a fun option.

And, if you wish to climb the tallest peak in the Caribbean, the Pico Duarte at 3087m, you will need 2-3 days, and part of the climb is on mule or on foot.


Defined as going through canyons using different techniques and climbing, swimming, walking, and jumping, we offer two thrilling options, both descending rivers.

In Jarabacoa, the River Baiguate descent is moderately difficult and includes the use of ropes for walls up to 20m. It requires good physical fitness and is not recommended for anyone with health issues.

In Limon, near Las Terrenas, the descent of the Limon River to the Limon waterfall is not difficult,does not require the use of ropes, has smaller waterfalls, and definitely offers tropical lush scenery.

River Rafting 

Rafting is mainly on the River Río Yaque del Norte,  Jarabacoa, with numerous rapids, including some Class III (intermediate). All safety equipment (vests, helmets, etc.)is provided, and each boat has a guide who knows the river to perfection and gives needed instructions. An emergency boat accompanying the group for safety is usually included. Rafting can be booked for a single person or for a group of 4-5 per raft.

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