Economy - Cluster Ecoturístico de Jarabacoa

Much of the Jarabacoa economy revolves around agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, real estate/construction and remittances.


With ideal growing conditions, many crops and farm products such as coffee, various beans and legumes, tayota, flowers, lemon, strawberries, tomatoes, cattle, pork and poultry are grown, produced and marketed both locally and for export. The local public city market in downtown Jarabacoa has numerous fruit and vegetable vendors that sell outstanding local produce


For years Jarabacoa has been the preferred location for second homes of wealthy Dominicans who enjoy the hospitable climate and environmental beauty. Recently this trend has escalated with more Dominicans and foreign tourists coming to the region to participate in the many recreational opportunities the area has to offer: hiking, canyoning, rafting, hang gliding, mountain bicycling, rappelling, riding horses, ATV/4WD adventures, gold panning and exploration of the many waterfalls, streams, coffee processors, greenhouses, scenic overlooks, bird, butterfly and flora watching, golf and other outdoor activities. Pico Duarte alone is visited by thousands every year.

Tourist activities have created a demand for services and many excellent hotels, restaurants, tour operators and other tourist-related services and attractions have been created.

Jarabacoa is a special Incentive Zone created by Law 158-01 that emphasizes mountain and eco-tourism development.

The eco-tourism activities are supported by a strong art and music community that reflect the local and national culture.


Forestry and wood processing are important regional industries with a number of managed forests, lumber production plants and wood workers. A large percentage of the country’s lumber, construction and wood products come from Jarabacoa.

The area produces some of the world’s finest coffee and is the home of several coffee processors who produce outstanding, internationally recognized products.

Real Estate and Construction

With Jarabacoa becoming increasing popular as a tourist destination many visitors are choosing to become a permanent part of the community and are buying, building or renting area properties. There are a number of attractive, upscale real estate developments and new homes and commercial structures are constantly being built by local construction experts.


Families in Jarabacoa with relatives in North America, Europe and other Caribbean island routinely send cash to their local family members. This represents a significant amount of economic input into the community and is generally spent locally.

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